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Only one party can acquire a “crown jewel” that defines the most popular sport in the world with the most passionate fans in the world.

The fact that a premium Internet domain name like can be purchased in 2021 is extremely rare. sells itself! We believe the right buyer will immediately see its tremendous value and acquire it quickly.

Below is some additional information regarding the power of and the commercial and economic potential that it represents.

1. is a category defining digital asset for the most popular sport in the world. This multi-billion dollar per year sport will always have a passionate player and fan base. Therefore, will always have great value in the marketplace.

2. offers a distinct competitive advantage for online and offline marketing, and is unparalleled for its viral marketing power. It is descriptive, intuitive and memorable. It conveys instant credibility and prestige to consumers and industry professionals.

3. has so much power and instant recognition that unlimited content can be generated, a massive community can be organized and significant commerce can be transacted with it.

4. can be positioned to take advantage of the explosive growth of digital, video and mobile content generation and distribution.

5. can be of great benefit to established companies as well as emerging companies.

For an established company: will give you the opportunity to strengthen your position in the global marketplace and focus and/or expand your product and service offerings.

For an emerging company: will give you the opportunity to gain market share, become a leader in a very competitive industry, and disrupt established companies.

6. Premium category defining Internet domain names have sold for well into the seven figures in U.S. dollars. commands this kind of valuation.

As a premium domain name and internet marketing company for the last 20 years, we have been involved in several seven figure single domain name sales. For the right party the valuation placed on is appropriate.

Opportunities like come along once in an Internet lifetime and a savvy buyer with vision will see it and seize the opportunity to own this category defining Internet domain name. As this sport continues to grow and Internet use increases globally, the reach, revenue generating potential, utility and value of will continue to rise.

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